I made some QR related item (let’s call it conceptualism).

QR (basicly this QR code shows just what it is)
ckoeR a QR code made by ckoe
ckoeR (this QRwas made by me, ckoe. Which makes it a ckoeR)
ckoeAR a QR code enriched with augmented reality made by ckoe with makes it a ckoeAR
I know you know this is a QR code.
Actually it’s more than that (…I know!!)
It’s an augmented QR code which makes it a QAR code won’t it?
But because it’s made by me (ckoe), let’s call it a ckoeAR code ok?!
(Scan with #artiviveapp / @artiviveapp to enjoy this ckoeAR to the fullest)


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